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Eglantine Vineyard

Nottinghamshire, England

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March 2014
We have a new building and a new cat! 
The Winery is to be extended. We have recently had a new field equipment store built, which has freed up a significant area in the existing building. Next we shall have a good clear out and move the wine making equipment into the space created and extend the wine making area.

Truffle arrived on the scene in mid August Jan (our son) happened across her when he was out on a job. The poor little mite had ended up midway between a railway track and a road. At barely seven weeks old, flea- ridden, starving and with a severe case of conjunctivitis she was very weak when he brought her home. 

Now seven months on, she is to be found following Tony as he prunes in the vineyard, or stalking a mouse or pouncing on 'Auntie Honey' She is in Pussy Cat Heaven!


August 2013

Yet another Gold!

North Star has been awarded a Gold medal in the English and Welsh Wine of the Year Competition organised by the United Kingdom Vineyard Association. Judged ‘Most Outstanding Sweet Wine’ in this year’s competition, North Star 2011 also scooped the Stefanowicz Trophy. The Award Ceremony was held at the House of Commons.

August 2013

North Star’ at Borough Road Market

Julia Stafford, proprietor of The Wine Pantry, at Borough Road Market in London stocks North Star amongst her dessert wines. The shop, which specialises in English and Welsh wines and spirits attracts buyers from all over the world.

August 2013

Helenka and Will’s Vineyard

It’s doing well! The vines thrived in all that rain last year, got their roots down and got some good growing done. They are now reaching the stage where they will need a permanent trellis erecting! They have planted Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay with the intention of producing quality Sparkling wine and some still too (white, rose and red).

August 2013

Jan and Liz’s Apiary

The number of hives in the apiary has grown, and the bees have been very busy producing a bumper crop of honey – this despite the cold weather in the Spring and some evidence of varroa in the colonies.

August 2013

The Mercian Vineyards’ Association Wine Challenge

The Mercian Vineyards’ Association Wine Challenge was held at Eglantine this year between 17th and 19th August. On the Saturday six judges (all wine professionals) sampled and judged the Region’s wines. On the Sunday regional winemakers came to hear the results and collect their awards: trophies and certificates.

There were 2 Gold medals, 16 Silver medals and 11 Bronze medals awarded, testament to the professionalism with which our regional winemakers have honed their winemaking skills in recent years!