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Eglantine Vineyard

Nottinghamshire, England

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Eglantine Sparking White

North Star
Eglantine White
Eglantine Rose
Cherry Wine

updated 1st August 2017

Eglantine Sparkling White

This light and fruity sparkling white wine is a crisp wine with toasty and complex flavour notes.  Made using the traditional champagne method from Madeleine Angevine and Seyval grapes.

Single bottle: £18.00          Case of 12: £198.00         abv 12.5% 

North Star 2014

This is an Ice Wine style dessert wine. Absolutely delicious, with an excellent balance of acid and sweet notes. Made from Madeleine Angevine grapes and only available in 375ml bottles. Makes a superb after dinner drink, ideal for an Anniversary, special birthday or Christmas gift.

Single bottle: £25.00          Case of 12: £275.00         abv 10.5% 

Eglantine White

A light luscious summer wine, with just a hint of sweetness.

Single bottle: £9.00          Case of 12: £99.00         abv 10.5%

Eglantine Rose

A beautiful rosy peach coloured wine, with a hint of peaches and strawberries.

Single bottle: £9.00          Case of 12: £99.00         abv 10.5%

Eglantine Red

Only made from grapes grown in the warmest years, currently out of stock.

Cherry wine

A rich sweet cherry wine (no grapes involved), with a touch of sharpness to balance the sweet and some soft tannins. Very drinkable on its own, makes a lovely mulled wine for those cold nights, goes very well with cake and chocolate.

Single bottle: £9.00          Case of 12: £99.00          abv 14%



Made from honey from Jan and Liz’s apiary at the vineyard. A traditional mead, very simply made, neither ‘heavy in the mouth’ nor cloyingly sweet on the palate. Has a strong following amongst 'Re-enactment' groups around the country who consider it to be ‘just how mead should be’.

Single bottle: £9.00          Case of 12: £99.00        abv 11%


Where to buy


Select outlets are:

Hanwell Wine Estate, Melton Road, Hickling Pastures LE14 3QG
Six Acres Nurseries, Loughborough Road, Costock LE12 6XB
Delilah Fine Foods, 15 Middle Pavement, Nottingham NG1 7DX
Vintage Wines, 116 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5FB
English Wine Centre, Alfriston Road, Berwick, East Sussex BN26 5QS
George Hill, 59 Wards End, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3HB